Custom Prescription Orthotics Versus Over the Counter Stock Arch Supports

As discussed in the prior article, everyone’s feet are completely unique.  In fact, even one’s own two feet are not the same.  Most shoe gear does not provide the amount of arch support and hindfoot control that is necessary to

Custom Orthotics, What Are The Benefits to Your Feet?

Everyone’s foot type is unique.  Each person’s own two feet are similar, but not completely symmetric.  Just as the majority of the population has some degree of vision impairment – ranging from subtle difficulty with reading to complete blindness –

Foot and Ankle Fracture Care from Family Foot Clinic

Family Foot Clinic’s Podiatric physicians are very well trained in the management of both foot and ankle fracture care.  Our newest physician, Dr. Jason Keeler attended a surgical residency training program at a level 1 trauma center and performed or

Podiatrist Recommended Winter Weather Foot Precautions!

The winter months have arrived which also means periodic bitter cold spells that can be threatening to your feet. West Linn, Oregon City, Tualatin, Lake Oswego and Canby are all part of the Willamette valley and are subjected to the

Heel Pain

  Heel pain: It’s Many Causes  From Tigard to Gresham and All around the State The foot is a complex structure consisting of both soft tissue and bony components.  The rearfoot can be a source of pain for many patients.

Back To School Shoes

Back to School Shoes: Basic Essentials The beginning of September signals the end of summer and the start of another school year. The start of school is accompanied by the start of new sports and physical education classes. Obviously everyone is created

Welcome Dr. Keeler!

I take great pleasure in introducing my new associate Jason Keeler, DPM. Dr. Keeler was born and raised in northwest Ohio. He attended Ohio State University and then went on to attend Kent State University’s College of Podiatric Medicine graduating

Pedicurists: How Do I know I Have The Right One?

Pedicurists: How do I know I have a good one? Results are important and you have to be happy with appearances when is comes to pedicures, BUT you also have to worry about transmission of fungal organisms and bacteria that

Reconstructive Foot Surgery

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